Company Overview

4Rail Consulting can work with you to create an Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of the ISO and OHSAS Standards at the same time as meeting the RISQS requirements.

The standards can be achieved all at once, or in a staged process. By speaking to 4Rail Consulting we can work out the best strategy that meets the businesses needs and timeframes.


This support is built into the cost of each project proposal and is tailored to suit the individual company and the subject of the project.

  • Generation of all documentation, forms, etc.. required to support implementation
  • Awareness training support for employees to ensure successful implementation
  • Generation, production and issue of a handbook for each employee based on the project detail
  • Full system audit following implementation to verify compliance
  • Attendance at the formal "third party" assessment to support successful registration
  • Issue of all documentation generated in both hard copy and electronic formats
  • Annual Maintenance Support


To support our clients 4Rail Consulting will offer an ongoing maintenance contract, that ensures that you continue to comply with the ever evolving requirements of current industry practice.

The yearly contract will include access documentation and support (via auditing, newsletters, bulletins etc) for a fixed yearly price.

In addition, should any client have a specific query then they can call us on 07540 722 423 or email us at at any time for support and guidance on the subject in question